Deja View PressNew Release

Deja View PressNew Release

John lives

Imagine what might have happened had John Lennon survived the shooting in New York on December 8th, 1980. The Beatles Come Together Again presents a possible chain of events that might have happened to the most famous Liverpudlians in history. There are many facets to their “new” story and also many interesting incidents that might have occurred.

Deja View PressNew Release

The Beatles Come Together Again

In this alternate history fictional tale, The Beatles take another step forward in the music history books. It provides a possible answer to the question many Beatles’ fans had – what would the band have done if John didn’t die?

The Beatles Come Together Again gives a possible outcome to that question.


Reviews from Readers

“I genuinely like this book and got a little choked up at the ending, which was beautifully done. Not only does it fulfill our desire to see Lennon’s life play out, and our fantasy of The Beatles getting back together, the character development is exceptional. It’s like getting together with friends whom you haven’t seen in 20 years and getting to know them in a meaningful way all over again.”

— David Aretha, editor of The Beatles: Fifty Fabulous Years

"A delicious piece of fan fiction from a true Beatles fan. Ed David delivers a wish list complete with fictional album listings and chart listings to get us all to play along. Real life rock stars and celebrities all play a role in the Fab Four's reunion. The Beatles Come Together Again will have you reaching for your albums to relive it all.”
— Anne Carlini, Rock D.J.

The Beatles Come Together Again is an uplifting, albeit fictional, reminiscence of times during our joyful and overall carefree years. It is a great read and an excellent reminder of what used to be for which we can now only imagine.”

— David Kouri, Music Enthusiast